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Advice from a Business Pioneer

In an interview with the Business pioneer Mohammad Sheikh Suliman, he revealed some secrets on how to start your own business :

Do you want to know how to create your own business and how to choose the correct niche ?

Here's the secrets :

In order to have a successful business, there are certain vital pillars which need to be present. One the one hand, we need the idea, the skill, and creativity, and on the other hand, we need an opportunity

What I mean by opportunity is, for instance, a strategic investor, a strategic business location, or a strategic franchise. If you have a certain skill, look for the proper opportunity, however, if you "think" you don't have any outstanding skills, don't give up. Look for one from within you

I am a firm believer that the right time will come when the person is open to receiving and attracting the proper opportunities

I would like to say this, work hard and never give up, because every hard-working individual and continues to have faith, will eventually find an opportunity to prove who they really are and only they can tell when the timing is right

Every individual has something special and a set of raw skills. One just needs to have the ability to find what that is, and use it properly, of course after working on improving it and fine-tuning it

Success is born in one's mind, way before it becomes a reality. That is why, a person that is strategic and continues to work will achieve their goal

"Opportunity always comes to people who are ready and who work hard to receive the right opportunity"


4 secrets of success Revealed for YOU by the Businessman, Mohamed Sheikh Suliman :


Find your skill


Work on improving your skill


Believe in success and in finding the right opportunity


Learn and analyze this opportunity as well as the right timing

Want to know

more about

Mohammad Al-Sheikh Suliman?

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman's YOUTH

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman, now a Turkish diplomat with the rank of consul, and a Palestinian Businessman, Mohammad Sheikh Suliman was born in 1994 in Nazareth, Palestine. His father is a school principal and his mother is a housewife. He holds a Palestinian, Turkish as well as a British citizenship. He is the youngest of 4 siblings

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman started horse-riding as early as the age of five in his grandfather's house, and that is when the beginning of his relationship with Arabian horses witnessed its first spark. Al-Sheikh went to the Franciscan Sisters’ School and graduated with excellent grades ranking him amongst the top of his class

Outstanding Academic Achievements

Mohammad Sheikh  Suliman earned a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration, and a Master’s degree in Political Sciences and International Relations from the Open University

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman scored 714 in the Psychometric Exam, which is considered a grade of Excellence. Al-Sheikh was also awarded the first place in Palestine in the field of Mathematics

Business-savvy at a young age

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman dropped out of University during his second year in order to venture in his entrepreneurship which he had created in partnership with 4 schoolmates. He finished working on the project with another schoolmate, and after three years, he was able to sell his first Start-Up. This was his first official business endeavors

Between 2015 and 2020, Mohamed Sheikh Suliman invested in a variety of companies, such as Chocolate and cheese

By the age of 23, Mohammad Sheikh Suliman had already established his first realty business under the name Al-Sheikh Real Estate

In 2017,  Al-Sheikh Real Estate started working on large Real Estate projects, among which was the construction and repair of several hotels and expanding its brand footprint in several different cities such as Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman also owns a company for trading currencies, commodities, foreign stocks and digital currencies, and it’s considered one of the largest online trading companies worldwide, and holds several licenses

He recently invested in a Medical Cannabis "Marijuana" company which works on enhancing the image of the medical cannabis world through scientific research and product development of the production of the best medical cannabis varieties

By owning Odin Media, Al Sheikh Real Estate, Al Sheikh Dates Production and Trade, and Al Sheikh Stud, Mohamad Sheikh Suliman decided to establish a mother company called Al Sheikh Group, which holds all these companies together


Ever since he was announced as a board member of Trustees in the Hilal Al Quds club, Mohamad Sheikh Suliman was welcomed with wide arms by the audience and followers as they clearly hold so much love for him

Coming from a household which encourages and enjoys sports, being one of the greatest icons for Horse championships, the decision to join the board was rather obvious

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman does, in fact, have a greater motive and that is patriarchy and loyalty. He felt it was his duty to support Al Quds in all its activities, be it sports or more, as well as any other activities and charities organized by the admins to support children and families

LOVE at first "RIDE"

It is no secret that Mohammad Sheikh Suliman is very passionate about horses. Having learnt to ride horses aged only five years old, we can safely say that this passion and the love for horses grows every day

From Palestine to the Moon

One of the latest collaborations of Mohammad Sheikh Suliman is quite literally out of this world. Mohamad Sheikh Suliman and D. Abdullah worked together into creating the first ever Space Operation Center in the Arab Society and it is located in Nazareth, Palestine. The center will specialize in Space Technology and will include a facility to control the satellite which will be launched in the upcoming months

This center was also created in order to provide the Arab youth, who aspire to major in the field of Space, with the necessary tools to advance in this field. Mohamed Sheikh Suliman explains. We are handing the aspiring Arab youth , who are confident in their abilities and have the capabilities to advance in this field, this center to serve their needs

We hope to see them reach the peaks and preserve their advancement and passion for being at forefront. The 1000 mile mission starts with one step. We have really high hopes, as a the saying goes “Hitch your wagon to a star”.  We would love to see one of own offspring's achieve greatness and leave their footprint on the Moon and the planet Mars

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