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One of Mohamad Al-Sheikh's proudest creations, and the home of purebred Arabian horses and the center of their breeding, the Sheikh Stud is located in Belgium

In the year 2017, the mare "Serenza" was awarded the Silver Metal. As for 2018, there was a landslide victory for the stallion "Equator", where Mohamad Sheikh Suliman achieved the gold award and was crowned as the world champion. In the following year, the mare of the Sheikh "Algamra" stud also won the world championship and returned to the stud with the gold medal

This domination of the world championship did not stop here. In 2021, Mohamad Sheikh Suliman snatched the award for the most beautiful Arab head for the filly D-Mezian, and again in 2022 with the filly Aisha Al-Sheikh. Consecutively, this is an unprecedented achievement

These triumphs were not the first, but the Sheikh Stud achieved a lot of success all over the Middle East, and the world as a whole, by winning the highest points average in the Tayeb 93.43 among all the junior colts category

Not to mention the local and international awards achieved by the stud over the years. The stud won gold medals in other international competitions such as the Dubai Championship, Sharjah and many others

A Window To The Future

Sheikh Stud

Al-Sheikh Stud, Finvault, Atria Holdings are strategically cooperating to put up NFT in the field of virtual purebred Arabian horses and the promotion of digital transactions:

United Arab Emirates- Since Al-Sheikh Stud achieved a huge success all over the Middle East and Worldwide and is a popular haven for Purebred Arabian Horse, is a leading example in achieving an integrated strategy that meets the growing demand for purebred Arabian horses, as well as a winner of several Arabs and International awards, Al-Sheikh Stud, Finvault and Atria Holdings decided to collaborate and to use NFTs in order to keeping with the huge technological development that the whole world is experiencing

This strategic cooperation between Al-Sheikh Stud, Atria Holding and Finvault, which is a Web3 banking platform that gives individuals and companies complete control over their money and digital assets, comes within the framework of facilitating the affairs of investors and giving them comfort in their digital transactions as well as continuously finding innovative solutions

On this occasion, Mohamed Sheikh Suliman, the owner of Al-Sheikh Stud, said: “The beauty of purebred Arabian horses is admired by everyone who sees them around the world, it is indeed one of the most beautiful and unique animals created by Allah SWT. At Al-Sheikh Stud, we always strive to experiment and leave a distinctive footprint in this field, and as a result, we decided to give the “NFT” a go, in cooperation with Atria Holding and Finvault, and we hope that our dear customers will be as enthusiastic as we are about this new project in response to the digital revolution that we are living in in our current era”

Virtually, the Sheikh Stud is characterized by its adoption of the most accurate standards for the breeding of purebred Arabian horses, especially within certain programs that are used in horse breeding with the aim of creating and producing the most beautiful Arabian horses distinguished by their long neck

One of the most outstanding innovative solutions for today's world is the use of “NFT”, which is currently known as a new type of digital asset, similar to cryptocurrencies that use blockchain technology (i.e. a documentary reference shared by a large number of individuals without a central authority, as it is used in many areas, including, for instance, the purchase of virtual land or the breeding of racing horses

NFT is being developed to enable investors to trade real purebred Arabian horses via digital currencies, to meet the increase in demand for virtual investment opportunities. It will also be valued on a digital scale that will be further transferred in advanced uses such as racing simulations, breeding and games. Finvault reserves the right to retain and limit the use of NFT based on evaluation and requirements

Punit Shaker, CEO of Finvault, said: “Finvault is pleased to have the Start-Up company for this project in collaboration with Atria Holding as a technical partner. The establishment and construction of the NFT for the legendary purebred Arabian horses of the Sheikh Stud and its owner, Mohamad Sheikh Suliman, is a unique opportunity in itself, especially with the city of Dubai recently having adopted its first crypto law and the formation of a virtual asset regulator, as the region accelerates its path to become the leading global virtual hub. At Finvault, we are on a mission to drive mass adoption of blockchain around the world and are thrilled to be part of this prestigious project. This is only the beginning and we look forward to a long and successful partnership

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