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How do we define Charitable work / Charity ?


It is work that does not depend on achieving any financial returns or profits.  Rather, it aims to provide a set of humanitarian services, and it is defined as voluntary work that a person provides to benefit those who need it out of humanity

In some cases, the concept of charitable work is linked to the concept of religion and doing charitable work in order to obtain the reward from God Almighty

There are different forms of services that fall within the circle of charitable work, such as helping the poor and orphans, providing in-kind assistance to some destitute humanitarian cases, and contributing to the treatment of the wounded or injured from various natural disasters or wars

Mohammad Al-Sheikh

Some of the most prominent goals of Mohamed Sheikh Suliman in charitable work : 


Strengthening social ties and contributing to creating more inclusive societies. Charitable work has the ability to raise the effects of damages resulting from humanitarian crises, and it also has the ability to support public services in the fields of medical care, education, housing and child protection. It seeks to fulfill people's needs by gathering benefits and averting harm in a manner that preserves the five necessities agreed upon by all heavenly laws, which are as follows: Preserving oneself, religion, reason, honor, and preserving wealth


Mohamad Sheikh Suliman aims to put the youth's energies and human capabilities to good use. Charitable work is harnessing a variety of energies and skills that differ in their abilities, attitudes, opinions and benefiting from them to serve society

Mohamad Sheikh Suliman creates selfless youth and a selfless society that is brought-up on giving, and taught the meanings of solidarity, cooperation without expecting materialistic rewards



One of the most distinguished goals of Mohamad Sheikh Suliman was to preserve the dignity of the poor and the needy, as assistance was provided, especially to the chaste among them, before they needed to ask for help, for the Almighty’s saying

"Charity is for the needy who are too engaged in the cause of Allah to move about in the land for work. Those unfamiliar with their situation will think they are not in need of charity because they do not beg. You can recognize them by their appearance. They do not beg people persistently. Whatever you give in charity is certainly well known to Allah"

Surat Al-Baqarah, Verse: 273

We must mention the main objective of charitable work in Islam: "Fulfill the needs of the less-fortunate, caring for the sick, supporting the vulnerable, helping those who need to develop their economic or social capabilities, and helping those who want to strengthen their knowledge or technical capabilities"


Mohamad Sheikh Suliman creates a link and bridging the gap between government agencies and members of society, to serve different aspects, whether public, social, cultural or economic services


Mohamad Sheikh Suliman develops a sense of true citizenship for young people by acquiring a sense of belonging to their country and their communities, assuming responsibilities that help in development, and collectively contributing to solving a dilemma of society


Mohamad Sheikh Suliman creates a self-made society by developing its members through rehabilitation and preparation, helping to rely on oneself to acquire the ability to overcome adversity and difficult situations, and creating a society capable of overcoming hurdles by relying on oneself and choosing appropriate solutions


Spreading leniency and compassion among the members of the Muslim community, as the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: 

“Those who are merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Have mercy on the people of the earth and those in the heavens will have mercy on you.”

Narrated by Abu Dawood

Charitable work in Islam does not only concern humans, but rather animals as well

The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, says :
"There is a reward for serving any animate" Narrated by Al-Bukhari

Perhaps the ultimate goal, as Muhammad Al-Sheikh said, is to achieve a wide spread of righteousness, the principle of solidarity within the society, the values of tolerance, cooperation and assistance among members of society, which positively affects the preservation of Islamic religious and human values, and satisfactory morals for the development of societies and the nation as a whole

are some of
Mohamad Sheikh Suliman's charitable works?

Charitable work is the basis for civilizing and advancing societies, and an effective and realistic participation in the development of society, and through it, the expected societal reform is achieved and the realization of the area of the existential purpose of man


The year Covid became a global pandemic

Mohamad Sheikh Suliman generously donated medical equipment and respirators to Hospitals in Italy. This was even covered by the media on Official TV stations


Mohamad Sheikh Suliman made donations to the children who survived the deadly explosion in Beirut. This disaster had left a deep mental scar and psychological shock on these children. Unfortunately,  the explosion had caused 214 people to die, and left over 6000 people heavily wounded, as the impact of the bomb can be compared to that of A "Tactical Nuclear Bomb"

There were, in fact, not one, but two explosions one of which occurred after a 33 seconds interval of the first one. According to the photos published by Sky News Arabia, the ammonium nitrate materials were spread along the hangar, which was 130 meters in length and 40 meters in width, with each bag containing 1,000 kilograms of the substance, as they were stacked on top of each other

Mohamad Sheikh Suliman donated a huge sum of money to help restore the Emergency Department at Al Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem after the events of Al Aqsa Mosque

Which is considered the main hospital for medical referrals from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as it receives patients with complicated cases who are referred by the Palestinian Ministry of Health from all Palestinian governorates


Mohamad Sheikh Suliman made a massive donation campaign in the name of "You Are Warmth", visited the Syrian Camps and provided them with aid after the unfortunate deaths that had occurred in the camps due to the freezing cold at the time. The bad weather conditions that hit the region multiplied the suffering of the residents of the displacement camps in northern Syria

The heavy snowfall in several regions in North Syria resulted in covering the land with a 40cm thick layer, which caused a lot of the tents to fall over the residents, as well as the closure of the roads leading to the camps

 " The refugees are our brothers, and they need us, so we decided that we will stand by them after God Almighty."

Mohammad Al-Sheikh

Mohamad Sheikh Suliman sent a group of specialized divers to search for the drowned man, attorney Raed Mahamid from Umm Al-Fahm after his tracks were lost following his fall in the Sea of Galilee. Raed Mahamid is considered one of the most prominent names in the legal field in Palestine where he practiced Law for over 30 years

Mohamad Sheikh Suliman is known for his annual Ramadan Campaign in his hometown, Nazareth, in which he provides all the unfortunate families with the "bottomless" possibility to benefit endlessly from all necessities, supplies, and food throughout the whole month of Ramadan

Mohamad Sheikh's famous phrase is "We're here until we've reach the last house in need" Not forgetting that one of the main aims of mentioning this is to remind people and motivate them to give aids and donations, and to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and love between the classes of society

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