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Mohamad Sheikh Suliman
A Turkish diplomat and a Palestinian Businessman

"History is written by winning gold titles, and not by telling pretty stories"
  Mohamed Sheikh Suliman

Mohamad Sheikh Suliman owns a company for trading currencies, commodities, foreign stocks and digital currencies, and it’s considered one of the largest online trading companies worldwide, and holds several licenses

Mohamed Sheikh Suliman invested in a variety of companies, such as Chocolate and cheese companies


WHO'S Mohamad Sheikh Suliman ?

Now a Turkish diplomat, and a Palestinian Businessman, Mohammad Al Sheikh was born in 1994 in Nazareth, Palestine

His father is a school principal and his mother is a housewife. He holds a Palestinian, Turkish as well as a British citizenship. He is the youngest of 4 siblings

Outstanding Academic achievements

Mohamad Sheikh Suliman earned a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration, and a Master’s degree in Political Sciences and International Relations from the Open University

He scored 714 in the Psychometric Exam, which is considered a grade of Excellence

Mohamed Sheikh Suliman was also awarded the first place in Palestine, on the State level, in the field of Mathematics

Business advice from a Business Pioneer


Mohamad Sheikh Suliman revealed for YOU the secrets to succeed

In order to have a successful business, there are certain vital pillars which need to be present. One the one hand, we need the idea, the skill, and creativity, and on the other hand, we need an opportunity


Al-Sheikh Stud

One of Mohammad Al-Sheikh's proudest creations, and the home of purebred Arabian horses and the center of their breeding, the Sheikh Stud is located in Belgium

The stud has become internationally known and is considered one of the largest and most competition-worthy stables in the world for Arabian horses as it won many championships and competitions, the most important of which was the World Championship in Paris

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman started horse-riding as early as the age of five in his grandfather's house, and that is when the beginning of his relationship with Arabian horses witnessed its first spark











Aisha Al-Sheikh



Mohammad Sheikh Suliman is a supporter of the Palestinian cause, Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque and he's known for his many political standing points and his Palestinian flag

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman is very popular in Palestine plus he is a Turkish diplomat

Mohamed Sheikh Suliman is a supporter of the Palestinian cause

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman is one of the largest meat and livestock dealers in the world, especially in Turkey, controlling 90% of the livestock market

Mohamed Sheikh Suliman owns a share in a Palestinian Islamic bank and two hotels in Palestine

Mohamad Sheikh Suliman owns huge date farms, a pharmaceutical factory and invests in dozens of start-up companies, the most important of which is PayTabs

Mohamad Sheikh Suliman owns a currency, commodity, foreign stock and digital currency trading company

One of the largest online trading companies in the world, and holds several licenses, the most important of which are European and Dubai

Charitable Works of Mohamad Sheikh Suliman

It is work that does not depend on achieving any financial returns or profits  Rather, it aims to provide a set of humanitarian services, and it is defined as voluntary work that a person provides to benefit those who need it out of humanity

In some cases the concept of charitable work is linked to the concept of religion and doing charitable work in order to obtain the reward from God Almighty

There are different forms of services that fall within the circle of charitable work, such as helping the poor and orphans, providing in-kind assistance to some destitute humanitarian cases, and contributing to the treatment of the wounded or injured from various natural disasters or wars



Mohamed Sheikh Suliman Shares The Success Of His Al Sheikh Farm

DECEMBER 1, 2020


Mohamad Sheikh Suliman Shares The Success Of His Al Sheikh Farm

The global businessman launched his farm in 2016 and rapidly making his mark in the Arabian horse world...

Mohamed Sheikh Suliman established his horse stud under the name of Al Sheikh Stud

Augest 17, 2020


Mohamad Sheikh Suliman established his horse stud under the name of Al Sheikh Stud

In 2016, Mohammad established his horse stud under the name of Al Sheikh Stud, via which he has left a mark on the Arab Horses field.

Some of his most popular quotes from his interviews

“To be a Sheikh is with actions, look for yourself among people's prayers”  

Mohamad Sheikh Suliman

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